russians already killed 109 children in Ukraine

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children in Ukraine

As of March 18, 2022, a total of 109 children died in Ukraine due to the russian armed aggression.

The relevant statement was published by the Prosecutor General’s Office on Telegram.

“As a result of the russian armed aggression, as of March 18, 2022, a total of 109 children were killed and more than 130 children were wounded. Most casualties were recorded in Kyiv Region (55), Kharkiv Region (34), Donetsk Region (26), Chernihiv Region (29), Mykolaiv Region (20), Zhytomyr Region (15), Sumy Region (14) and Kherson Region (14),” the report states.

Due to russian bombardments and shelling, more than 439 educational institutions were damaged, and 63 of them were destroyed completely. Most destructions were reported in Donetsk Region (126), Kharkiv Region (77), Mykolaiv Region (39), Sumy Region (32), Kyiv Region (41), Kherson Region (21) and the city of Kyiv (35).

The final data are yet to be reported, as it is impossible to inspect certain areas, where active hostilities are underway.

As reported, Nestle, a company that owns baby food brands refuses to stop financing russian terrorism.

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