russian invaders destroyed 90% of Mariupol, thousands killed – Ministry of Defense

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russian troops have already destroyed 90% of Mariupol and killed thousands of town residents.

“Thousands killed by russian invaders! 90% of the town was destroyed in attacks launched by putin’s soldiers. russians hold Mariupol residents hostage by blocking humanitarian corridors. There is no electricity, gas or heat in the town,” the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine posted on Facebook.

The Ministry adds that there is only continuous grief, fire, and endless shelling from all kinds of fascist weapons.

Also, according to the Ministry, a missile strike by russian invaders completely destroyed residential buildings in Kalynivka (Kyiv region). One woman was killed, a man was never found under the ruins.

“This is just one of the testimonies of numerous russian fascist war crimes against civilians for which they will be held accountable in The Hague. We will take revenge on everyone killed and maimed: the enemy will be punished either in our territory or at the International Criminal Court,” the Defense Ministry stresses.

As reported earlier, russians bombed Mariupol Drama Theater with hundreds people inside.

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