“russian missiles fall near NATO borders.” Poroshenko calls on allies to give Ukraine more air defense systems

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NATO borders

The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on Western allies to increase the supply of air defense equipment to Ukraine on Sky News. He emphasized that russian missiles have been shelling the Ukrainian port infrastructure for the past few days, which is located a few hundred meters from the border with Romania, a NATO member state.

“russia is demonstrating its terrorist character. Now every night we are subjected to intense attacks not only on the entire maritime infrastructure, but also on the residential areas of Odesa. I was born in the Odesa region on the Danube and I know exactly what is happening there. You showed the Orthodox cathedral that was fired at by a cruise missile. One person died, 22 civilians were injured, including four children. Pay attention to the fact that from Reni on the Danube, where russian missiles are attacking the port, to the border with Romania, a NATO member country, is a little less than 300 meters,” Poroshenko said.

“russia uses cruise missiles very close to the border with NATO. It can cause more than just civilian casualties. Currently, Ukrainian grain feeds 400 million people around the world. russia is blocking more than 30 million tons of grain, this is blackmailing the world with hunger. This grain blackmail and terror of russia is an unequivocal confirmation of moscow’s message: the worse, the better strategy,” explains the fifth President.

“Therefore, we are now asking to significantly increase the air defense capabilities of Ukraine in order to stop and protect at least the largest cities, port infrastructure, and energy infrastructure. To make russia’s attempts to destabilize Ukraine, to destabilize Europe, to destabilize the world futile,” Poroshenko summed up.

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