In response to Black Sea terror, russian exports through Bosphorus should be blocked – Poroshenko

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The world must give a decisive response to russia for its terrorist acts in Odesa and the destruction of Ukrainian grain, which Ukraine supplies as part of the grain agreement, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with GB News.

He emphasized that the target of the russian missile attacks was not only the port infrastructure but also civilian residential buildings, as a result of which civilians were wounded and some were killed.

“This is a demonstration that russia is a terrorist state, and russia attacks not only Ukraine, russia attacks and uses food as a weapon and blackmails the whole world with hunger. The countries of Africa, the countries of the Middle East, the countries of Asia experienced an increase in the prices of products immediately after russia blocked the grain corridor and attacked 60 thousand tons [of grain – UT] that were prepared for shipment to China. russia began to mine the waters of the Ukrainian port with uncontrolled mines that completely blocked any commercial vessels in the Black Sea,” Poroshenko said.

“In this situation, the decisive response of the whole world must be immediate, because even for those countries that doubt their attitude to russian participation in the war, there is now clear evidence of how dangerous putin is for the whole world. And the goal was not only grain for China, not only the port, but also the Chinese consulate in Odesa,” said the fifth President of Ukraine.

“russia should receive an absolutely clear message. For example, if russia continues to attack ports’ infrastructure and if they attack any civilian ships, as they have stated that they will treat any civilian ships as a military target, we can block all russian cargo through the Bosphorus to the Mediterranean Sea,” he stressed.

“This is 50% of russian exports, oil exports. russia must understand that we have a tool to punish them, and only decisive action can stop putin. Because putin understands only one language, and it is not russian or German – it is the language of unity of the entire free world and the language of power. We must convey this message to putin,” Poroshenko said.

He also noted that there are options for restoring grain agreements.

“I think we have several tools at our disposal. First, it is the role of Turkish President Erdogan and UN Secretary-General Guterres. Now it is necessary to demonstrate their determination before putin’s possible visit to Ankara. I am quite optimistic that if we are determined and united, Erdogan, as before, will be able to unblock the grain corridor for Ukrainian grain potential,” Poroshenko said.

“Because we exported more than 30 million tons of grain during the grain corridor, saving millions of people from starvation. And now we have the biggest drop. We have the capacity and are ready to export 50 million tons. Without it, the world food market would be destabilized. I hope that in August we will be able to resolve this issue if we can find an effective tool concerning putin, including blocking the Bosphorus for russian goods,” he said.

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