russia, Turkey and Qatar prepare a new grain deal behind Ukraine’s back. Hungary also plays a role – Bild

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The documents available to show that putin’s regime wants an economic agreement with countries friendly to russia and blessing from the United Nations. This agreement is designed to make the Ukrainians dependent on russia and render them militarily incapacitated in the Black Sea.

Instead of allowing russia to simply export its own and stolen grain from Ukraine to poor countries, Ankara is seeking “an agreement between the United Nations and the russian Federation as a package tied to the Black Sea Initiative.” The basis of the cooperation is a “Memorandum on Trilateral Cooperation”, which provides for the export of grain, paid for by Qatar and organized by Turkey, primarily to Africa.

If the deal comes about with the blessing of the UN, Kyiv would have a choice either to agree to the safe export of its stolen grain by russia and stop attacks on russian ships or be solely responsible for more and more hunger in the world.

After two “urgent meetings” in Istanbul and moscow, Hungary can become the place where the agreement will be signed.

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