russia plans to use Western media to accuse Kyiv of handing weapons to Hamas, which were captured during war in Ukraine – Intelligence

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russia uses the attack of Hamas terrorists on the State of Israel for a large-scale provocation against Ukraine, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said in a statement.

According to the intelligence, the russian army has already handed over to Hamas terrorists captured during the hostilities in Ukraine trophy weapons manufactured in the USA and EU states.

“The next step, according to the russian plan, will be fake accusations of the Ukrainian military in the alleged sale of Western weapons to terrorists on a regular basis. As part of the kremlin’s disinformation campaign, these fakes should form the basis of a number of ‘revealing publications’ and ‘investigations’ in the Western media,” the message reads.

The russian special services intend to use the comments of the traitor from the Ukrainian Border Service, lieutenant Ruslan Syrovoy, who recently fled to moscow.

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