russia earned EUR 93bn from fossil fuel exports in first 100 days of full-scale invasion of Ukraine

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fossil fuel exports

russia earned EUR 93bn from fossil fuel exports during the first 100 [February 24 to June 3] days of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to Finland-based Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

According to the report, the EU imported 61% of this, worth approximately EUR 57bn, while the largest importers were China with EUR12.6bn, Germany with EUR12.1bn, Italy – EUR7.8bn, Netherlands – EUR7.8bn, Turkey – EUR6.7bn, Poland – EUR4.4bn, France – EUR4.3bn and India – EUR3.4bn.

The research center noticed a modest decline in import volumes in May, around 15%, compared with the time before the invasion, but the increase in fossil demand led to 60% higher than last year in average export prices for russia.

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