Ovsyannikova expectedly launched russian propaganda campaign in Europe

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russian propagandist Marina Ovsyannikova, who is known for staged anti-war protest on russian Channel One, called sanctions over the war in Ukraine “russophobia” and asked Western countries to lift them.

Ovsyannikova criticized sanctions against russia live on Italian television. She said that the sanctions were aimed at “ordinary people” and it made their lives much worse.

“Russophobia is unacceptable. russian people should not be collectively responsible for what is happening in Ukraine. This is solely the fault of vladimir putin,” the russian propagandist believes.

In her speech, Ovsyannikova manipulate people’s emotions, saying that her disabled mother could not buy medicine, and her daughter could not pay at school for lunch with a card. However, Ovsyannikova did not mention the Ukrainian children murdered by russians in her speech.

According to her, the journalist russian students should not be expelled from European universities, and stressed that “russophobia is unacceptable.”

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