Every dollar paid to russia converted into bullets to kill Ukrainians – DTEK CEO

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kill Ukrainians

International business must stop cooperation with russia, which, contrary to all norms of international law, is murdering and terrorizing civilians in Ukraine, DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenk said at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum, which was broadcast by CNBC.

“Every dollar paid to russia today for gas, oil, or any machinery supplied to russia is converted into bullets that kill Ukrainians. Could there be a higher price than the 137 children’s lives lost due to russian aggression? What excuse can there be for these companies that still cooperate with russia,” Timchenko said.

The head of DTEK thanked the companies that have already stopped cooperating with russia, as well as for the assistance Ukraine receives from its European partners and for imposing sanctions.

“I am convinced that respect for freedom should already be part of the corporate policy of Western companies, and corporate values ​​should include a ban on cooperation with aggressor countries, such as russia today,” Timchenko said.

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