Our application for EU membership signed and sealed with Ukrainian blood – Poroshenko

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Petro Poroshenko explained why Ukraine should become a member of the European Union on the air of the French TV channel LCI.

When the host quoted French President Macron’s statement that it could take several decades for Ukraine to join the EU and that an alternative format should be sought, Poroshenko replied that Ukrainians are paying the highest price for their European aspirations, and President Macron is well aware of this.

“You don’t know Ukrainians very well. We surprised the world when we stopped the second biggest army in the world. We must make the impossible possible. We are the nation that has paid the highest price of all members for future membership in the European Union. Our application for EU membership is sealed, signed with the blood of Ukrainians who gave their lives for desire to return to the European family of nations,” Poroshenko said.

The Fifth President also called on Macron to come to Ukraine and see for himself what crimes the russian occupation forces are committing, what sacrifices Ukraine is making in this war, and what heroism the Ukrainian people are demonstrating.

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