Guterres must now be in Mariupol, not in moscow – Poroshenko

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The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the French TV channel LCI called on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to go to Mariupol, not moscow, to see the real picture of the terrible crimes of the russian occupiers.

“It is better to see for yourself what putin has done in Ukraine. Because you won’t feel it on TV. On television, it seems to you that you are watching a horror movie. And when you personally look at the crimes of the russians, talk to civilian Ukrainians who have gone through this hell, then you will understand both the position of Ukraine and the crimes of moscow. I think this is the antidote that Guterres should have received from the russian fake campaign, from the russian disinformation campaign, “Petro Poroshenko said.

“He would see with his own eyes that in this way he could save the lives of tens, hundreds of people. When the russians occupied Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, and Vorzel, we managed to evacuate more than 20,000 Ukrainian civilians. And no one knows what would have happened to them if this evacuation had not taken place, “Poroshenko reminded.

“Antonio Guterres now has the opportunity to fulfill the mission of his life. I really hope he doesn’t miss this chance. If you had at least done this in your life, you would not have lived in vain. Mr. Guterres, I think you can correct this mistake and show determination in your actions when you come to Kyiv, ” Petro Poroshenko urged the UN Secretary General.

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