Ombudsman on “not seeing genocide in Ukraine”: UN should visit settlements liberated by Ukrainian soldiers

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The UN International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, which “did not come to the conclusion that genocide is taking place in Ukraine,” should visit recently de-occupied cities or settlements near the front line to see for themselves, Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement.

“I consider it appropriate to remind that Article II of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide clearly explains what constitutes genocide:

The first form of this war crime is the killing of members of a certain group of people. The UN itself reported that 9,444 civilians have now died in Ukraine;

The second form of genocide is the infliction of severe physical or mental harm on members of a certain group. Here the number is even higher. Due to the russian armed aggression, almost 17,000 people were injured;

The third form of genocide is the creation of conditions for members of a group that are designed for its complete or partial destruction. Lubinets gave the example of massive missile attacks on energy infrastructure in winter and the blowing up of the Kakhovskaya HPP, the consequences of which can be catastrophic;

The fourth form of genocide is imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group. Currently, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General, 225 cases of sexual violence committed by russian soldiers have been registered in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war;

The fifth form of destruction of the people is the forcible transfer of children from one ethnic group to another. Only according to official information from the Children of War portal, the russians deported or forcibly relocated 19,546 Ukrainian children.

“If these facts are not enough for the UN international commission to recognize the obvious, then I invite its representatives to visit the settlements liberated by Ukrainian soldiers or settlements located not far from the front line,” wrote Lubinets.

He added that everything will become clear there immediately.

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