Not russian. Stuttgart museum updated information about Aleksandra Ekster

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In the permanent exhibition of the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, Ukrainian art is represented by two sculptures by an avant-garde artist Oleksandr Arkhipenko and the work of a painter and designer Aleksandra Ekster. But until recently, museum texts referred to Ekster as a russian artist, reported.

The definition “russian artist” was finally removed and a biography about her life in Kyiv was added, which was not there before, the art critic Anna Wetzler-Manyuk, who is actively involved in the processes of popularization and decolonization of Ukrainian art, said.

Ekster was born in 1882 in Białystok, now in Poland, and grew up in Kyiv. As a young woman, her studio in Kyiv attracted all the city’s creatives, and she became a figure of the Paris salons, mixing with Picasso, Braque and others.

Earlier, Repin, Aivazovsky, Kuindzhi were finally recognized as Ukrainian artists.

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