NATO encourages putin to continue war – Kurt Volker

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The lack of clear prospects for Ukraine’s NATO membership at the summit in Vilnius encourages russian president vladimir putin to continue the war against Ukraine, rormer US Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker said during the online discussion of the Kyiv Security Forum.

“No one should have thought that NATO would extend an official invitation to Ukraine to immediately join the Alliance. It has always been a question of whether NATO is sending the right signals to putin about the prospects of Ukraine becoming a NATO member. Unfortunately, we did not see such a signal,” he said.

Volker noted that the summit in Vilnius actually repeated the same thing that was said in Bucharest in 2008: “Ukraine’s place in the future in NATO, but there is no process, no time frame, no confidence, no sincerity in these words.”

He emphasized that in recent years all illusions that it is possible to live normally next to russia have disappeared. “Therefore, the repetition of these vague words brings a lot of harm. This tells putin: go on, fight as long as you want,” Volker said.

“We had to do the opposite – to show that putin’s intention to restore the russian empire will not come true. Instead, now we encourage him to do it,” he summarized.

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