NATO should have sent a signal to russia that it can’t have Ukraine. But it wasn’t done – MEP

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The invitation to Ukraine to become a member of NATO is a formal procedure that should have shown russia that it will never be able to seize Ukraine, the member of the European Parliament, former Prime Minister of Lithuania, Andrius Kubilius, was cited as saying by

“Before the summit, it looked like there was full agreement about what we were saying at the summit – not about Ukraine’s real membership in NATO, because everyone, including president Zelenskyi, said: we cannot expect that Ukraine will be granted membership while the war is going on,” he said.

“The question was about the invitation to membership. Formal procedure. In my opinion, despite the fact that this is a formal procedure, it has great political significance. And this would be a rather clear political signal to the russian political elites and ordinary people,” Kubilyus added.

He compared it to a long-range missile against russia.

“russians should clearly see the understanding of the West that Ukraine is on the side of the West, that russia cannot get Ukraine. Whatever nostalgia they have for the past and so on. Even just from a strategic point of view, it was necessary to send a signal to the kremlin: listen, guys, all your nefarious plans for a war against Ukraine are nonsense, Ukraine will be a member of NATO. But it was not done,” said the politician.

He noted that only two countries hesitated – Germany and the United States.

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