NACP launches database with over 2k foreign components found in russian and Iranian weapons, without which they can’t wage war

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The weapons of authoritarian and aggressive regimes depend on foreign components. Without them, those regimes cannot wage war, destroy and kill. The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) is launching the world’s first open database of foreign components in weapons on the “War and Sanctions” portal. The database already includes more than 2,000 components used by russia and Iran in various types of UAVs, missiles, electronic warfare systems and many other types of weapons and military equipment.

The whole democratic and civilized world must unite around non-proliferation of its technologies to aggressors. Only in this way can we maintain peace, security and stability at the global level. It was for this purpose that a database of components was created.

The database currently contains information on foreign components found in russian and Iranian weapons used by the russian Federation against Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

«Thousands of electronic components that should improve life and serve development, russia and Iran are turning into weapons for murder. Revealing their path from the manufacturer to the hands of the killers is a large-scale task for any government agency. But this is within the power of thousands of journalists, investigators, customs officers, bankers, consultants and many others who seek justice and peace. Now that these data have become public, everyone can make their contribution to global world security», — said Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the NACP.

The type of weapon, its manufacturer and technical characteristics — all this information is available for each component. Everyone, from an investigative journalist to an official, will be able to gather a sufficient evidence base and investigate the supply chains, and bring the accomplices of this war to justice.

The “Foreign Components in Weapons” section will be regularly updated and improved. The NACP intends to add the option of subscribing to the list updates later. Once a new component is added, all subscribers will be notified about it.
The NACP is grateful to the Defense Forces of our country, which every day, risking their lives, capture these samples of weapons. We are also grateful to all representatives of research institutes who work around the clock to study these samples despite the numerous cases of mine traps laid into them.

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