NACP added PepsiCo and Mars to list of international sponsors of war

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The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) has included two leading food corporations, PepsiCo and Mars, on the list of international sponsors of the war.

Despite the declaration of reduction of their business, cessation of advertising activities, and production of their products, they continue to work in the russian Federation, paying significant taxes to its budget, thereby supporting the economy of the aggressor country.

PepsiCo increased its revenues in the russian Federation in the first year of a full-scale invasion. Thus, the turnover of “PEPSICO HOLDINGS” LLC for 2022 increased to USD 2.59bn, in particular, the net profit increased by 333% to USD 525m, compared to 2021. Over USD 115m of taxes were paid to the budget of the russian Federation.

Mars factories continue to operate in russia with increased revenues in 2022 compared to 2021. The turnover of LLC “Mars” for 2022 grew to USD 2.45bn, the net profit increased by 59% to USD 377m, taxes were paid to the budget of the russian Federation for more than USD 93m.

PepsiCo produces soft drinks, juices, chips, snacks, dairy products and other food products under the main brands Chester’s, Chipsy, Lay’s, Mirinda, Pasta Roni, Pepsi, Propel, Sandora, 7up, Simba, Snack a Jacks, Sonric’s, Tropicana, etc.

Mars produces food products, famous for chocolate bars, but also produces pet food, chewing gum, beverages, fast food, canned sauces. The main brands are Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Bounty, M&M’s, Whiskas, Pedigree, Uncle Ben’s. The corporation also owns a series of Wrigley trademarks.

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