Most victims killed deliberately: 717 civilians shot with small arms in Kyiv region during russian accupation

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Kyiv region

A total of 1,374 civilians were killed in the Kyiv region during russian occupation, and 717 of them were shot dead with small arms, Head of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in the Kyiv region Andrii Niebytov was cited as saying by

“A total of 1,374 bodies of victims were discovered. These are Ukrainian civilians who have been killed. Most importantly, 717 out of 1,374 victims were shot dead with small arms, i.e. most people were killed deliberately. A total of 340 people died from mine blast injuries, and the cause of death for 317 people was not established,” Niebytov said.

According to Niebytov, during russian occupation, 38 children were killed and 43 injured in the Kyiv region. A total of 195 bodies are remaining unidentified, and 279 people are considered missing.

Following operational and investigative actions in the Kyiv region’s de-occupied areas, a total of 11,333 criminal proceedings were opened.

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