Mercenaries of Wagner PMC: We were told that we have to kill everyone because they are Ukrainians [video]

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Two former prisoners from the Irkutsk region, Aleksey Chernyavskiy and Maksim Zelenov signed a contract with the Wagner PMC and came to Ukraine. The story of the mercenaries was published in the Telegram channel Butusov Plus.

According to them, of the 500 prisoners who came with them to the front, all died. They told how they killed civilians in the Donetsk region.

“You kill everyone. Regardless of gender. There were grandmothers and grandfathers. We killed at least 40 people. There were people in balaclavas standing behind. If you go back, they will kill you. It was called “zeroing” [killing people, who refuse to fight]. I personally saw how a grenade was thrown into the apartment, and there was a child crying. We went in, there was a woman and a child, we had to finish them.

I personally could not. Others in our group carried out the order. They killed those who cried. They were crying from the injury, asking for help. The woman was 35 years old, the girl was seven years old.” – One of us refused, and that’s all… He was killed. They killed him with two-by-fours right in front of us. They tied him to a tree, they told everyone that if you come near him, you’ll be next,” they said.

“They told us, that we have to kill everyone because they are Ukrainians. We are Wagner, we kill everybody.”

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