Wagnerites are paid extra to kill Ukrainian combat medics – paramedic

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The Wagnerites are paid extra for the killing of doctors, Said Ismagilov, a paramedic of the Hospitallers battalion, was cited as saying by censor.net.

Ismagilov is a Muslim priest who defends Ukraine as part of the Hospitallers medical battalion. Said Ismagilov, driver and paramedic of the Hospitallers battalion, is one of the spiritual leaders of Ukrainian Muslims. In his peaceful life, he held the position of mufti of the Spiritual Administration “Ummah”.

At the start of the full-scale invasion, Said arrived at the mosque, but it was empty. At the same time, his acquaintances offered the man to take out wounded civilians and soldiers from Irpin. “Since March 2022, I started working on evacuations,” the man says.

“If you can’t see the wounded, then this is not the job for you. Those who worry and stress too much will soon become wounded themselves. You have to treat the wounded as your job. If I am empathetic, my nerves will end in a few days. Yes, it happened that my whole car was covered in blood,” he said.

Said also spoke about why mercenaries from the Wagner Group hunt for ambulances. “The fact is that they are paid extra for killing doctors in the war. It’s like 100 or 150 dollars for each doctor, but I don’t know the exact numbers. This is not to mention the fact that the shelling of the checkpoints happens all the time and many doctors die – men and women alike.”

Combat medics see death every day and for them it becomes normal. “Sometimes I have to carry the dead. But before becoming a paramedic, I worked as a priest for twenty years. I buried the dead, washed them. Including the bodies of loved ones. A dead person is not the end of the world for me. You have to take them on the last journey with dignity, with a prayer. Everything is the same here – dead, killed,” Said said.

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