“Is Ukraine set to change rulers yet again” or is Melinda Haring?

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"Is Ukraine set to change rulers yet again" or is Melinda Haring? 1

Is Ukraine Set to Change Rulers Yet Again?, writes the self-proclaimed expert on Ukraine Melinda Haring for nationalinterest.org.

The question I would like to know the answer to: “Is Ukraine set to change rulers yet again or is Melinda Haring?” Well, I think it is a “no” to both. I am not certain what Melinda means by “rulers of Ukraine”, this is not the Middle Ages, but deriving from the way she puts it I can’t help but wonder whether she does have the “rulers” of her own. Whatever the answer may be, one thing is certain, Melinda is not set to change them quite yet.

Ukraine’s telegenic president Volodymyr Zelensky swept the presidential and parliamentary elections last year, Melinda writes. Not sure why this is not obvious, but it does reflect not only on her, but also on the institutions which see her fit to be an expert. Yes, “telegenic president” is a level of expertise we were all waiting for.

He won big, even if his promises were vague, Melinda continues. He won big, but he promises were not vague, he actually offered everything to everyone in the most populist campaign in Ukraine so far. Have you been paying attention, Melinda? It can be hard to spot it from that high horse of yours, I understand.

Ukrainians approach major elections with huge expectations, Melinda writes, and finally hits a bullseye, in what appears to be a mere chance. And she reinforces this conjecture too. According to her, when Ukrainian leaders invariably (sic.) fail, they take a beating in the polls. And to illustrate her ‘profound’ knowledge she points out the only two Ukrainian presidents that had a major, if different, success while in power – Victor Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko.

Yes, I understand that Russian media didn’t quite spell it for Melinda in all the right colors, but if you are trying to be an expert on something… Learn a trick or two, the language maybe? culture? context? Oh, well. According to Melinda, Zelensky’s numbers had to drop because he had the audacity to suggest peace with Russia, make Ukraine rich again, and kill corruption. It seems that Zelensky didn’t care much that he was unable to attain any of them, and neither does Melinda, the audacity was the problem. Yes, naturally, also some other minor delusions.

It is funny, though, how Melinda strikes all the right Russian propaganda chords. Or is it?

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