Five reasons why Zelensky is failing in Ukraine and one that helped to make it possible

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reasons why Zelensky is failing

The so-called expert on Ukraine Melinda Haring that didn’t even bother to learn the Ukrainian language [though she claims to know some russian. It doesn’t help, but good for you] tried to reflect upon the reasons for Zelensky’s failures.

Poor Volodymyr Zelensky, Melinda starts her story. Not in any conceivable way I can imagine, but sure, why not. According to Melinda, Zelensky was elected on three promises: to end the war in eastern Ukraine [there is nothing eastern about Crimea, Melinda], to make the large Eastern European country of 42 million rich [this is rich already], and to stanch corruption [unprecedented in the history of the world]. So I guess it is safe to say that Zelensky has won on incredible lies.

But after an initial burst of activity on the reform front [factualy incorrect, but do continue], he ended up faltering on these pledges [he started with that], she writes.

Zelensky sacked his reform-minded prime minister [the one who claimed 40% of GDP growth in 5 years], most of his cabinet (random people), prosecutor general [turned out not to be 100% his], and many other top officials in March and April, stunning everyone [only those who believed those incredible lies], Melinda continues.

According to her, Zelensky has hired flunkeys with little experience and even old Yanukovych cronies [again, that has happened from the very beginning, one of them was Andriy Bogdan – the first head of his so-called office]. At the same time, she writes, he is supporting politically motivated charges against the former president, prosecutor general, former infrastructure minister, and heads of the tax and customs services [that was more than evident from his election campaign for anyone, who had at least slightest knowledge about Ukrainian politics].

Then, of course, we saw the termination of the head of the independent supervisory board of the MGU, the independent company that oversees gas transmission; the resignation of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine after a one-on-one meeting with Zelensky, citing political pressure and countless other violations.

“What went wrong?,” asks Melinda. Aside from the never-ending propaganda and hybrid war from russia, post-soviet oligarchs and corrupted by them and russian money Ukrainian journalists, and other things of course – prepaid western experts on Ukraine that don’t have a clue about its history, its current situation, and the language of the country for that matter. Nothing much.

And suddenly it has hit her – Zelensky is a servant of an oligarch. Who knew? Well, everybody who knows Ukraine a little and is not putin apologist of course.

But Melinda isn’t about to acknowledge her incompetence. It is easier for her to deny that Zelensky is a russian puppet, “like Ukrainian diaspora and nationalist types” (sic!) from western Ukraine believe. Tell us more about “nationalist types” from western Ukraine, Melinda, you seem to be an expert.

Then we can read some more infantile assessments that Zelensky is a victim of his own naivete or like he is no match for the system. And for somebody who knows nothing about Ukraine, it may suffice, but the truth is a little more complicated than that.

I know I didn’t promise you a cherry on top, but here it goes. According to Melinda, it’s impossible to change Ukraine. Everything is for sale, including parliamentarians. Well, thank you for your “sound” evaluation. I can only add one thing to the list, or is it just another reason? – laughably incompetent and corrupt experts. Yes, indeed, everything is for sale, but it goes far beyond Ukraine.

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