Interview with Carlson showed that no peace can be reached with russia. putin keeps telling these crazy stories that russia originated from Kyiv – Volker

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The interview of the russian dictator vladimir putin with the American propagandist Tucker Carlson showed that putin is trying to rebuild the russian Empire. This is evident from the comments of former US Special Representative in Ukraine Kurt Volker who was cited by

What struck Volker the most in the interview was how strange putin’s narrative is, as everyone can see with their own eyes: what russia does and what russian leader says are completely the opposite.

“It was quite helpful because a lot of people weren’t sure what was going on, whether there was room to negotiate an agreement, whether peace could be reached, whether russia had any legitimate demands. The way putin behaved in this interview showed that ‘no’, he is really trying to rebuild the russian Empire,” the diplomat said.

“He does not believe that neighboring nations have equal rights with russians, or he does not believe in the fact of their existence. He refers to Ukraine or the Baltic countries as russian lands. He tells these crazy stories that russia originated from Kyiv,” the former special representative added.

Volker concluded that the interview clarifies to people what problem Ukraine and its partners are dealing with, and helps people not get confused about it when discussing or making decisions.

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