International Olympic Committee ignored evidence that 6 russians affiliated with the committee support war against Ukraine – Media

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International Olympic Committee

Six russian nationals affiliated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) support russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, reported.

In March 2023, the IOC recommended that russian athletes be allowed to participate in international competitions under certain conditions.

In particular, the IOC defined the following disqualification criteria:

  • athletes and personnel who actively support the war cannot participate in competitions. This applies to everyone under contract with the army or other state security agencies, as well as support the war through public speaking, including on social media, participation in pro-war demonstrations or events; display any symbol in support of the war in Ukraine, such as the letter Z.
  • all russian and Belarusian military personnel and persons related to state security institutions are not allowed to participate.

There is one nuance in this story – the IOC did not say a word about the russians, who are affiliated with the organization itself. As it turns out, six of them do not meet the IOC’s own criteria.

These include Yelena Isinbayeva, Shamil Tarpishchev, Aleksandr Popov, Stanislav Pozdniakov, Rodion Plitukhin and Vladimir Lisin. reached out to the International Olympic Committee with a request asking to explain its position but was ignored.

As reported, The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appealed to the International Olympic Committee with a demand to ban the participation of russian and Belarusian athletes from competitions.

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