Alliance’s indecisiveness to invite Ukraine would mean that NATO still afraid of putin – Poroshenko

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The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on Western partners to invite Ukraine to NATO at the Vilnius summit.

“In a few weeks, we will have the Vilnius summit. Some senior officials from NATO member countries said that it is good, we are ready to confirm the decision of the Bucharest summit. Don’t do it! Because of the Bucharest summit, russia attacked. What do we remember from the Bucharest summit? ‘NATO’s doors are open for Ukraine.’ Come on, if the door is open, let us in. If you don’t let us in, it means that the door is closed,” Poroshenko said.

“This is unfair to Ukraine. We don’t ask for the same full membership plan as Sweden and Finland. We need only one word – “invitation”. After the war, after our victory, after everything – but the invitation should be now. Otherwise, this is a demonstration that you are afraid of putin and putin has the right to veto Ukraine’s membership in NATO,” the fifth President stressed.

“We will never accept that. This is a question of NATO countries and Ukraine. Otherwise, we will return to the communist era,” Poroshenko warned.

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