Intelligence: russian military use 13 mobile crematoriums to burn civilian bodies in Mariupol

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mobile crematoriums

russia’s leadership has ordered its troops to remove any evidence of crimes committed by the russian army in Ukraine, and now they are using 13 mobile crematoriums to burn civilian bodies in the city of Mariupol.

The relevant statement was made by the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Telegram,

“After the genocide of the Ukrainian people in Bucha, Kyiv Region, was widely covered in the international mass media, russian troops began to use mobile crematoriums in Ukraine. In particular, a total of 13 mobile crematoriums were detected in Mariupol to remove the bodies of civilians from the streets. russia occupiers are attempting to identify those who have witnessed the atrocities via filtration camps and eliminate them,” the report states.

According to the Main Intelligence Department, the military intelligence repeatedly reported on the use of enemy mobile crematoriums in Chernihiv Region. In addition, such crematoriums were detected in Novoaidar, Luhansk Region.

The russian military are also using mobile crematoriums to burn the bodies of russian soldiers to conceal the actual number of those who have been killed since the russian invasion started and not to pay compensation to the families of the soldiers killed.

As reported earlier, more than 10,000 civilians have been killed in Mariupol since the start of the russian siege.

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