“Genocidal logic.” Fear of imminent defeat prompts putin to senseless cruelty – Ukraine in UN Security Council

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The russian leader vladimir putin is afraid of an imminent defeat in Ukraine and this drives him to senseless cruelty, Serhii Dvornyk, adviser to the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN, was cited as saying by ukrinform.net.

In this regard, he emphasized that all countries “fighting terrorists, murderers and rapists” must have the support of the international community, in particular by providing them with weapons “for the real, not declarative, exercise of the right to self-defense.”

russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, its brutal actions on the ground, statements by putin and his henchmen “prove these genocidal aspirations quite clearly,” while russia uses the UN Security Council as a platform to whitewash them, noted Dvornyk.

He recalled that Vasily Nebenzya, Permanent Representative of russia to the United Nations, called the victims of the mass murder in the village of Hroza in the Kharkiv region “high-ranking nationalists”, among whom were pensioners, doctors, farmers, teachers, businessmen, and even an eight-year-old child.

Dvornyk stated that everyone who call themselves Ukrainians are “nationalists” in the eyes of the kremlin, and therefore, enemies to be destroyed.

Such mass murders, according to him, fully fit into the russian genocidal logic. Therefore, even schools are considered by russia as legitimate targets.

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