russians commit sexual violence against women aged 19 to 83 years in Kherson region – UN

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In the Kherson region, russian soldiers raped and committed sexual violence against women of ages ranging from 19 to 83 years, the Commission found. Frequently, family members were kept in an adjacent room hence being forced to hear the violations taking place, the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said in a new report.

During a presentation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Commission also reported that it had documented explosive weapons attacks on residential buildings, a functional medical facility, a railway station, a restaurant, shops and commercial warehouses. These attacks led to civilian casualties, the damage or destruction of key facilities, and the disruption of essential services and supplies.

The Commission is also concerned about allegations of genocide in Ukraine. For instance, some of the rhetoric transmitted in russian state and other media may constitute incitement to genocide. The Commission is continuing its investigations on such issues.

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