Future of global order at stake in Ukraine

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The US should be building an international military coalition to deter putin and, if necessary, be ready for war, former US deputy assistant secretary of defense for russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, Evelyn Farkas writes for defenseone.com.

She claims that if russia prevails, the world will face a crisis about the future of the global order far beyond Ukraine’s borders. And putin will move on to the next state in his attempt to restore the pre-1991 sphere of influence if he will be left unrestrained.

According to Farkas, any further acceptance of russian demands will lead to the end of the international order. If the West will fail to defend the sanctity of borders, no one will. And any appeasement, Farkas writes, will result in more future land grabs, but not only from russia.

The United Nations may follow the League of Nations if the democratic world will be unable to support the rules-based international order. “We must not only condemn russia’s illegal occupations of Ukraine and Georgia, but we must demand a withdrawal from both countries by a certain date and organize coalition forces willing to take action to enforce it,” Farkas said.

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