putin’s tsarist ambitions are not limited to Ukraine – UK defense secretary

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tsarist ambitions

The Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace accused russian leader vladimir putin of tsarist ambitions and expressed concern that they will not end in Ukraine, Telegraph reported.

“I’m concerned that what this is really about is president putin’s legacy; that is about a false vision, a russia that even the Tsars failed to create and consolidate – that is the russia of Belarus, Ukraine and russia,” Wallace said in an interview. He added that the russian ambitions have deep consequences for the security of Eastern Europe.

The British Secretary of Defense noted that the question of “the consequences for russia of invading a sovereign state must be taken seriously because the world is watching, the Chinese are watching.” He stressed that if putin decides to invade, economic sanctions and consequences will be “severe” and “go far beyond the sanctions of 2014” when moscow occupied Ukrainian Crimea.

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