Defeated russian fencer “achieved” disqualification for Ukrainian opponent, who refused to shake hands

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Ukrainian fencer Olha Kharlan was disqualified from the world championships after refusing to shake hands with her defeated russian opponent, reported.

Kharlan won the bout 15:7 over Anna Smirnova and refused to shake hands with the representative of the aggressor country, who continues to wage unprovoked war against Ukraine as the competition takes place. Smirnova then decided to disrupt the competition by spending about 50 minutes on the strip, delaying the competition.

Kharlan later received a “black card” from the International Fencing Federation (FIE), which eliminated her from the rest of the individual competition. The FIE didn’t explain its position.

The FIE allowed athletes from russia and Belarus to compete in a neutral capacity without their national flag and anthem. However, Smirnova can hardly be called neutral, judging from her Instagram account.

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