AFU eliminated about 10 thousand russian occupiers near Avdiivka in past month – Zaluzhnyi

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During the month of fighting for Avdiivka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about ten thousand russians and more than 100 tanks, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeryi Zaluzhnyi said in a statement.

“A month when the enemy began to actively storm Avdiivka. A month of fierce battles, endurance and heroism of our defenders, who continue to hold the defense,” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

During this time, the Defense Forces destroyed more than 100 enemy tanks, 250 armored vehicles, about 50 artillery systems, and 7 Su-25 jets. The enemy’s total losses in manpower amount to about ten thousand people.

“I thank the brigades, our units. Infantrymen, artillerymen, tankers, scouts, operators of air defense systems, medics. To every defender who defends Avdiivka. I bow my head to those on the shield. Eternal memory and honor,” Zaluzhnyi said.

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