United States not ready to give up Ukraine – ambassador

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Ukraine has not heard a single message from the United States about any compromises with russia, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova said in an interview, ukrinform.net reported.

“We have never heard the word ‘compromise’ from our American partners when it comes to russia and Ukraine. There have been also no conversations with us about reducing support or training. On the contrary: the United States and Ukraine are looking for a diplomatic solution to the problem, but we clearly understand who is the aggressor in this situation and whose sovereignty must be protected,” Markarova said.

Commenting on rumors circulating inside Ukraine that the United States may agree to the scenario of “Finlandization” of Ukraine, the Ambassador noted that the only purpose of such “experts” is to sow panic among Ukrainians.

“I repeat once again, we have not heard a single message from our strategic partner, the United States, about any compromises with russia. And it’s not just words – we have the relevant documents signed from the United States over the past six months, which enshrine support for Ukraine, the development of Ukraine’s defense and economic capabilities,” Markarova said.

The diplomat also stressed that Ukraine had heard several clear signals of support from the United States. In particular, the first: nothing will be decided on Ukraine without Ukraine. Second, the relations between Ukraine and NATO are exclusively a matter of Ukraine and the Allies. Third, the United States is ready for dialogue, but Europe’s security cannot be resolved without Europe.

According to the Ukrainian Ambassador, the United States is currently actively appealing to russia to reach a diplomatic settlement, while at the same time showing russia that there is another way.

“For the United States and the entire civilized world, war is not a desirable scenario. At the same time, there is an understanding that there is a threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty, and the United States is not ready to give it up,” Markarova said.

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