Unidentified man in Germany attacked Ukrainian children, demanding they speak russian. Police launch investigation into attempted manslaughter

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The public prosecutor’s office in Göttingen has launched an investigation into attempted manslaughter against an unknown person because of an attack on August 26, 2023 at around 6:40 p.m. on a 10-year-old Ukrainian boy in Einbeck on the Reinserturmweg bridge.

According to the results of the police investigation so far, several Ukrainian children were in the area of the bridge when an identified man complained that the children were speaking Ukrainian. “You should speak russian instead,” he said. Then he said that Ukraine had started the war. He is said to have pulled a girl’s hair and then grabbed a 10-year-old boy and thrown him over the railing into the canal. The boy hit the iron girders attached to the bridge. As a result, he was injured in the head and left foot.

While the boy was lying in the canal, the unknown perpetrator is said to have thrown a glass bottle at him, which hit the victim in the area of the right shoulder. The unknown perpetrator then left the crime scene. The approximately 40-45 year old man is said to have worn a blue T-shirt, a black cap and denim shorts.

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