Ukrainian startup raised $300k from angel investors

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Startup Mriyar raised $300,000 from angel investors for the development of auto parts and car services trading platform, according to AIN.UA.

The startup plans to provide both business-to-business and business-to-consumer services.

  • b2b – first, the platform receives data on the offer of auto parts from importers, wholesalers, and retailers. In fact, these are price-lists with available items and delivery terms.
  • b2c is a regular marketplace. The data is kept under constant review to provide an efficient method of management. The company also plans to make a drop shipping supply method possible.
  • White label – concerns exactly the information service. It can be used by other general-purpose marketplaces to organize trade. Mriyar provides ordered information for this purpose, organizes management and search. The platform partner shows the results to the end-user under its brand.

Founded in October 2018, the startup’s platform is currently in the development stage and will be launched gradually throughout 2020. The angel investors have acquired a minority share.

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