In one day, Ukrainian Air Assault Brigade destroys nine russian tanks and seven armored vehicles

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Air Assault Brigade

Soldiers of the 80th Air Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces have destroyed nine russian tanks, seven armored vehicles and about 70 russian invaders in Ukraine’s east, the press service of the brigade says.

“On July 13, the enemy launched a massive attack on Ukrainian positions. But we were ready. Air assault soldiers of the 80th brigade, having organized a clear tactical interaction with other units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard, hit nine russian tanks (nearly a tank company!!!), seven armored vehicles (APCs and IFVs), a truck and destroyed about 70 occupiers,” the report said.

The report added that Ukrainian forces used Stugna-P, Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missile systems and RPG-7 and AT-4 grenade launchers to destroy russian military equipment.

“The destruction of such a large amount of the invaders’ equipment in just one day is certainly not the final victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but a significant step towards bringing this victory closer,” the report said.

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