Ukraine, UK, Canada, and Sweden launch proceedings against Iran for shooting down Flight PS752

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Canada, the Kingdom of Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland filed a joint application instituting proceedings against Iran before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In their Application, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom claim that Iran has violated a series of obligations under the Montreal Convention as a result of the shooting down on 8 January 2020 of a civil aircraft in service, Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, by military personnel of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. All 176 passengers and crew aboard the flight, many of whom were nationals and residents of the applicant States, were killed in the crash.

According to the Applicants, Iran “failed to take all practicable measures to prevent the unlawful and intentional commission of an offence described in Article 1 of the Montreal Convention, including the destruction of Flight PS752. It also subsequently failed to conduct an impartial, transparent, and fair criminal investigation and prosecution consistent with international law.”

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