Ukraine is planning to use nuclear power plants for mining cryptocurrencies

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Ukrainian nuclear plants are generating the surplus of electricity due to the COVID-19 lockdown. According to the Ministry of Energy, cryptocurrency mining can be a contemporary and efficient way to use excess energy.

“With a surplus of nuclear generation, one of the modern tools for using excess electricity is to use for cryptocurrency mining. This not only allows to maintain the guaranteed load on the NPPs [Nuclear Power Plant], but also allows companies to raise additional funding. It opens the way to a fundamentally new economy, new approaches, a new market system,” the ministry said in a statement.

Among such decisions, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection is considering, in particular, the creation of data processing centers [DAC] near nuclear power plants. The pilot project is designed to connect consumers of data centers with a capacity of up to 1,000 MW to the electricity grid, with the allocation of the first stage of 30 MW, in the satellite city of Zaporizhzhya NPP Energodar.

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