Ukraine exported 35.7 mln tons of grain since the beginning of the marketing year

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Ukraine exported 35.7 million tons of grain since the beginning of the 2019/2020 marketing year, an increase of 8.4 million tons (30 percent) compared to the previous year, according to the analytical web-portal of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. Of the total, Ukraine exported 15.8 million tons of wheat, 3.9 million tons of barley, and 15.6 tons of corn. In addition, Ukraine has also exported 219,000 tons of flour.

Ukraine was the third largest agriculture exporter to the European Union in 2019 exporting €7.3 billion worth of agricultural products, according to a monitoring report by the European Commission. During that same year, Ukraine gained the title of the world’s largest grain exporter, highlighting the free trade benefits of the 2014 EU-Ukraine association agreement. With an increase of agribusiness investment, Ukraine’s role in global food security continues to grow.

Source: UkraineInvest

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