UEFA submits to russian propaganda, orders Ukraine to remove ‘Glory to Heroes’ line from EURO 2020 jersey

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A couple of days ago Ukraine unveiled a new kit for Ukraine’s football team, showing a map, including the territories occupied by russia, and two lines ‘Glory to Ukraine!’, ‘Glory to the heroes!’

russia was immediately outraged and called it a “political provocation” and the “illusion of the impossible”, while trying to appeal to European football’s governing body (UEFA) to ban the new kit.

At first, in a statement to bbc.com, UEFA said the “the shirt of the Ukrainian national team for UEFA Euro 2020 has been approved by UEFA, in accordance with the applicable equipment regulations.”

But later, UEFA backtracked on their statement and ordered the removal of the second phrase, given the “specific combination of the two slogans is deemed to be clearly political in nature, having historic and militaristic significance.” Ukraine plans to appeal the decision.

According to UEFA website, the russian state-owned company Gazprom “partners with UEFA National Team Football and renews UEFA Champions League sponsorship.”

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