Students from russia to pose as local population on occupied territories during “elections” of putin – National Resistance Center

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Taking into account the previous experience of “referendums” and “local elections” in the temporarily occupied territories, which were ignored by the majority of the local population, russians are preparing for a large-scale falsification of the turnout at the “elections,” the National Resistance Center said in a statement.

The kremlin has set a target of 75% turnout for local gauleiters, of which 80% are supposed to vote for international criminal vladimir putin. To imitate such support, “volunteers” are arriving in the region to participate in the crowd. These are students of russian universities, who are promised scholarships if they agree to a “business trip” for which they are also paid.

The National Resistance Center notes that all participants in the organization of the “elections” are accomplices of the occupation of the territory of Ukraine and this is punishable by law and cannot be avoided.

As reported, the United States Department of State has called the “referendum” conducted by russia in Ukraine’s Crimea “a farce.”

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