Ukrainian forces can push russians back to February 23 line by year-end – US general

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US general

The Ukrainian forces will be able to push russian forces back to the February 23 line by the end of this year if the West continues to deliver weapons at a faster pace, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges was cited as saying in an interview with

“The situation is already turning significantly in favor of Ukraine. I expect active hostilities to continue in the winter. Ukraine will probably want to keep up the pressure on russian forces which I believe are exhausted… And the russian logistics system is especially exhausted,” Hodges said.

According to him, Ukraine will not or should not allow the “cold phase” of the war to happen, it is beneficial only to russia.

He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could regain the south of the country and limit the theater of combat operations of the russians in the east of Ukraine. “The key to this is more long-range weapons, as well as help to improve logistics networks inside Ukraine,” Hodges said.

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