SBU exposes mole working for russians

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Following a special operation the SBU CI exposed a high-ranking FSB asset in the Ukrainian Government. Today an SBU general-major Valerii Shaitanov was detained under the suspicion of state treason and execution of terrorist attacks. In particular, at the behest of russian intelligence he was planning an assassination of a famous volunteer Adam Osmaev.

The SBU has collected sufficient evidence clearly proving that Shaitanov is the russian intelligence asset. This is further confirmed by available case materials, including audio and video recordings.

‘Unfortunately an individual that was promoted to general after the Revolution of Dignity and was supposed to protect Ukraine, in reality was working against its interests. We have conducted a long-term, complex, and multi-layered operation. This is the most important exposure conducted by the SBU since the Independence,’ – said the SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov.

According to him, this case has proven that new operational approaches adopted in the Service are delivering important results.

He underscored, ‘In addition to increasing the SBU efficiency we are cleaning it up. We focus on counterintelligence and matters of national security. We will keep defending our country and expose traitors regardless their positions.’

According to the case file, one of the former SBU Center for Special Operations A chiefs was handled under a code name Babyl by the russian FSB colonel Igor Egorov. The latter is an officer of FSB Department for Counterintelligence Operations of the 1st Service which specializes in planning, directing and executing intelligence and sabotage-terrorist missions inside Ukraine and other countries.

Investigation has collected factual evidence proving that general-major Shaitanov was planning terrorist attacks in Ukraine at the behest of the russian intelligence. In return, the FSB handler promised Shaitanov USD 200,000 and a russian passport. As an attacker Shaitanov selected an individual who formerly served in the special forces.

Clear evidence of preparation to these crimes is incorporated into the file.

Moreover, Valerii Shaitanov was collecting and passing to the russian actors intelligence on:

  • the details of certain covert operations conducted in the ATO/JFO area, as well as engaged personnel;
  • national security and defense cooperation of domestic security agencies with foreign partners;
  • senior officers of the SBU Counterintelligence Department, operational units, Center for Special Operations A and Ukrainian intelligence services;
  • selection, vetting and recruiting of the senior security and intelligence officers to work for the FSB.
  • Personal meetings in the European countries between Egorov and Shaitanov as well as other Ukrainian citizens engaged in fulfilling tasks of the russian intelligence were surveilled.

The urgent investigative actions are currently under way. The places of permanent and temporary residence of Shaitanov and other Ukrainian citizens suspected of being Egorov’s assets are being searched. The circumstances of their illegal activities are being determined.

It is worth noting that Shaitanov abused his official position in order to collect intelligence from other high-ranking SBU officers. The pre-trial investigation will determine their involvement in the divulgence of restricted information.

The issue of serving Valerii Shaitanov an indictment for committing crimes stipulated by Art.111 (High treason) and Art.258 (Act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, as well as choosing the conditions of detainment are being settled.

The investigation is conducted under the legal supervision of the Prosecutor General`s Office of Ukraine.

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