russians spread fake video about Ukraine allegedly transferring Western weapons to Hamas terrorists

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russian propagandists are distributing a video in which representatives of the terrorist group “Hamas” demonstrate allegedly Ukrainian weapons, which were received from Western partners, Military Media Center reported.

“In particular, it is claimed in Arabic that it was Ukraine that sold Western weapons to the terrorists. The video lasts only 12 seconds and raises many doubts,” the report said. It should be noted that Western countries closely monitor the weapons and military equipment that they supply to Ukraine to fight russian aggressors.

It is suggested that the video in question was likely shot by one of the russian psyop teams in order to distance russia from Hamas and create the illusion that its officials have nothing to do with the terrorist group.

The Military Media Center recalled russia’s long-standing cooperation with Hamas, including several meetings russian high-ranking officials held with the leaders and members of the terrorist organization.

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