russians kidnap children to exterminate the next generation of Ukraine’s defenders – British Ambassador

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The russians are kidnapping Ukrainian children in order to exterminate the next generation of defenders of Ukraine, British ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons said in an interview with

“It is quite clear that the russians are abducting children in order to exterminate the next generation of defenders of Ukraine. All of this is extremely terrible. It is terrible on every imaginable level,” Simmons said

The ambassador of Great Britain believes that russia is carrying out hybrid aggression against Ukraine. “Hindering the export of Ukrainian grain is part of the russian war and invasion of Ukraine. The same is true of the bombing of Ukrainian cities. Kidnapping of children is also part of the russian invasion. And it actually hurts to talk about it, because it is about the children of specific people,” she added.

According to Simmons, since the war in Ukraine has been going on for many years, the issue of child abduction is not new: “Abduction, among other things, creates a psychological barrier between children and their parents. We know that there are children who return [from russia – UT] with the opinion that it is right for the russians to wage war against Ukraine.”

So, in her opinion, Ukraine faced not one, but two questions: the first is the need to return children to their families, and the second is psychological help after brainwashing.

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