russians hold hundreds of people in “torture chambers” in Kherson region

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Kherson region

russian invaders hold about 600 people hostage in the Kherson region in specially set up torture facilities. Abducted residents of the region are also taken to Crimea. The relevant statements were made by Tamila Tasheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, reports.

“According to our information, there are about 600 people in the Kherson region who are held in basements, in specially equipped rooms, in torture facilities,” Tasheva said.

According to her, about 300 people are held “in the basement” in Kherson, the rest – in other settlements. People are held, in particular, in the building of the Kherson Regional State Administration, in the pre-trial detention center, in the Vocational School No. 17 in Henichesk.

Tasheva stressed that, according to the information received from various sources, the abductees are kept in inhumane conditions and being tortured.

She noted that some of the abducted residents of Kherson are being forcibly taken to the Crimea, where they are held in the Simferopol pre-trial detention center in a separate block and Sevastopol. According to Tasheva, the russian occupants hold civilian hostages, including activists, journalists, and prisoners of war. Abducted people from the Zaporizhia region are also taken to Crimea, she said.

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