russians have not managed to “catch” any HIMARS yet – Ministry of Defense

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The US-delivered HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine last June, and since then the Armed Forces have not lost any of them, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar said in a statement.

“Our Independence Day greetings to the American people! Thank you for your continued support that helps us fight for our freedom, destroy the enemy, and defend our shared values,” she wrote.

Maliar called HIMARS one of the most powerful manifestations of the support provided by the United States to Ukraine.

“Frightened and experiencing the first huge losses, the occupiers began hunting for HIMARS. But so far they have not caught any of them. Thanks to the maximum speed of 85 km/h, HIMARS can fire and leave the position in less than a minute. This allows us to use it for shoot-and-scoot tactics, which significantly reduces the chances of being detected and hit by the enemy,” Maliar noted.

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