russian paratrooper Filatiev, who requested asylum in France, was involved in war crimes

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war crimes

The project is temporarily suspending the program of assistance in the evacuation of “repentant” russian servicemen, as one of the “evacuees” turned out to be involved in war crimes in Ukraine, reported.

Former paratrooper Pavlo Filatyev, who was helped by to leave russia, admitted that he hid from human rights activists and the media information about the murders of Ukrainians in whose detention he participated.

“As the Swedish journalist Eric de la Regera found out, at the time of writing us letters at the end of July 2022, his first interviews with us in August and subsequent meetings with journalists in France, Pavel Filatiev knew that a number of those detained by him Ukrainians were subsequently shot and hanged, i.e. killed. But Pavel did not tell us anything like that, de facto hiding his involvement in the war crimes committed against Ukrainians,” said the head of the project, Volodymyr Osechkin.

The human rights defender added that Filatiev broke his promise to send money from the sale of his book “ZOV” to support Ukraine and Ukrainians who suffered from the war.

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