russia’s war against Ukraine should matter to America

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US support for Ukraine, in any form – whether through diplomatic gestures or weapons – sends a signal that the democratic world order is still worth fighting for, writes Nolan Peterson for The Daily Signal.

It’s easy to believe that history automatically arcs in the right direction, or that the era of world wars is over. It could never happen again; not in our time, we mistakenly conclude. The truth is, we are just treading water, fighting against the gravitational tug of history. The minute we stop kicking, we descend, quickly and easily, into those dark depths from which we thought we had escaped. In the end, the only way to prevent the next world war from happening is to imagine that it could.

In his novel about the Spanish Civil War, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” Ernest Hemingway wrote: If we win here, we will win everywhere. “I can’t think of a better way to explain why the war in Ukraine matters to the United States,” Peterson concludes.

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