russia achieved none of strategic goals in Ukraine – British defense ministry

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russia has failed to achieve any of its initial strategic goals in Ukraine over the 100 days of full-scale aggression toward the country, the statement of the British Defense Ministry says.

“Measured against russia’s original plan, none of the strategic objectives have been achieved. In order for russia to achieve any form of success will require a continued huge investment of manpower and equipment and is likely to take considerable further time,” the ministry notes.

It also mentioned that the russian forces are now in control of over 90% of Luhansk region.

“russia has achieved these recent tactical successes at significant resource cost, and by concentrating force and fires on a single part of the overall campaign,” the ministry explained.

It is also emphasized that russia “has not been able to generate maneuver or movement on other fronts or axes, all of which have transitioned to the defensive.”

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